Hieroglyphics — The Kitchen (Album Cover)


Hieroglyphics — The Kitchen (Album Cover)
Underground hip hop collective Hieroglyphics will be releasing their first studio album in 10 years titled The Kitchen in July. Peep the album cover!

Track list
01. The Kitchen Intro - Prod. Sleeprockers
02. Livin’ It Up – Prod. Del The Funky Homosapien
03. The Mayor – Prod. Gully Duckets
04. Golden – Prod. Del The Funky Homosapien
05. Gun Fever – Prod. Gully Duckets
06. Indonesia – Prod. Opio
07. wShores Galore – Prod. Opio
08. That Merch – Prod. Unjust
09. Nutrition – Prod. Opio
10. Indonesia Interlude – Sleeprockers edit/Prod. Opio
11. Highway Five – Prod. Opio
12. All As Above So Below – Prod. Opio
13. Nano Salt – Prod. Opio
14. Immortals – Prod. A-Plus
15. Exciting – Prod. Phesto Dee
16. It’s Partly Me – Prod. Opio
17. Passing Fads – Prod. Stephen King

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