Lil Boosie – Incarcerated (Artwork + Track List)


Cover to Lil Boosie's  upcoming album, Incarcerated which drops September 28th.

Track List

1. Devils
2. You Don't Know
3. Betrayed (Feat. Webbie)
4. Chill Out
5. Bank Roll (Part 2) (Feat. Webbie and Big Head)
6. How We Do It (Feat. Webbie and Lil Trill)
7. Cartoon (Feat. Shell and Mouse on Tha Track)
8. Thugged Out (Feat. Foxx)
9. Better Not Fight (Feat. Foxx, Webbie and Lil Trill)
10. What I Learned From the Streets (Feat. Shell)
11. Calling Me
12. Do It Again (Feat. Lil' Phat and K.T.)
13. Long Journey (Feat. Webbie)
14. The Rain (Feat. Lil Trill)

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